“Graphic Design for All Projects”

Specializing in digital graphics and website design for small businesses (and realtors).

Whether you’d like to update your business image or start from scratch, I’ll help you transform the ideas in your head into something gorgeous on screen! I’ll make sure you enjoy the design process, too, by listening, answering the phone, and producing quick turnarounds. I’m celebrating my 16th year in business, and 13th year developing custom WordPress themes.

No templates. No clipart. No code generators.

I design and code by hand and from scratch. My design is often minimalist, clear, and to the point. Yet every element has purpose and meaning. I let trends inspire me, but I aim for a design style that’s more timeless. Working in this “traditional” way really makes a difference in today’s busy world.

Your project is about you. It’s your business and your brand. I am just the skill that brings your ideas to life. For the best examples of what I do, please browse my graphic design portfolio.

Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with.

Billy in N.C. – Logo Design