Website Design

I offer handmade web page design services for all of your projects.

A great website will not only make potential clients feel like they’re in the right place, but also be comfortable and trusting enough to contact you.

I chose to build my web design business on WordPress because it’s incredibly flexible with custom designs and there’s room to grow or “take your site with you.” Some of the newer online builders seem great at first, but when you’d like something more, you just about have to start over!

CSS for layout, retina/high-resolution images, and responsive website design are all relatively new concepts and you can be sure that I’ve mastered them. If your brain is spinning, that’s ok. In other words, your custom WordPress theme will be absolutely beautiful on all screens.

Web Sites & Services

I am a professional graphic designer, web designer and custom WordPress theme developer. My focus is on delivering:

She always comes up with fresh ideas for us – even when we don’t provide much guidance.

Jean in MA – Vector Art & digital design